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Strategic Planning at FKCC begins with YOU!




Florida Keys Community College is creating a new strategic plan that will help guide us over the next several years.  Since one of our key functions is to provide services as part of the Florida College System, we will create goals and objectives that are in line with the four goals of the FCS strategic plan.  Those four goals are listed as categories along with a a fifth category that has also been created for ideas that may be specific to FKCC but may no relate to one of the overarching FCS goals.  Please offer your suggestions (or comments on suggestions) on specific ways that FKCC can help fulfill these goals for the residents of Monroe County and others who we serve.

This forum will remain active until January 31, 2012.  Comments will be moderated and should appear within 48 hours of submission.

Thank you for your input as part of this important process as we continue to develop our programs and services at FKCC,

The Strategic Planning Committee



  1. John Henderson says:

    My name is John Henderson and I have taught at FKCC as adjunct in the Spring semester for the past few years under both Brittney Snyder and Frank Wood in the Business Dept.
    I have a couple of suggestions that would fit under Goals 3 and 4. As I look in The Citizen want ads many of our local businesses have listed knowledge of specific software programs. The college could possibly offer some type of a “certificate” program or even a module under another program that would teach the most used software programs. This would give students the knowledge needed to apply for the job. Many times students are not aware of what the program is or have ever used it so they cannot apply.
    Another suggestion is some type of Hospitality or Customer Service program, certificate or module. WIth Hospitality being our leading industry in the Keys, this program to train students the skills needed to not only do the job but to succeed in the positions. I teach for a community college (via online) out of Myrtle Beach, SC (tourism is our leading industry also) and we have a Hospitality program and it gives students the skills needed and also validation of being well trained in Hospitality/and or Customer Service. I have visited many businesses here and have found the service to be lacking at times ( I have also my favorite places to visit, take guests and recommend because I know the employees and the service are always exceptional). As a customer when you walk in the door you want to feel welcomed and appreciated. If something is not right you want to know what the business “can” do to correct the situation, now what they “can’t” do and a smile goes a long way.
    I hope my suggestions help.
    Thank You,

  2. eric lee says:

    I would be interested in seeing FKCC offer classes and programs on classic wooden boat building, similar to the accredited boat building schools elsewhere. Some examples of these are Woodenboat school Brooklin, Maine, Great Lakes Boat Building School Michigan, IYRS Newport RI, North West School of Wooden Boatbuilding Port Hadlock WA, Mystic Seaport CT and a few others. Please checkout http://www.woodenboat.com schools website as a good example of course listings that I would like to see offered by FKCC. These sort of programs would fit in well with the Florida Keys maritime culture, history and current/future economics of the Keys. Please feel free to contact me as I would be interested in participating in something like this. Thank you.

  3. Shannon says:

    The Art Department should have classes that build upon each other. For example after digital photography, a digital photo 2 should be available. Same with figure drawing. I would be happy to help FKCC layout a 2 or 4 year plan for art students. The 2-year plan should set students up for finishing off in a 4-year school. In an art community like our, the Art Department should have plenty of sponsors; someone could organize and lead the outreach. It would be nice to see FKCC involved in the community. For example, I know they have a nice relationship with KWHS. FKCC is beginning some great online classes. They should keep that up! FKCC could use a night dean; someone to help out during night or Saturday classes.

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